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Thank you and welcome for visiting our online store. Here you can find information about our services and be able to buy products as well. We ensure our high quality products are fresh and delicious for you.

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We are compromised to serve you with the best quality products that we harvest and process. Our goal is for you to enjoy every product we have in our store and website as well. We have been served the Imperial Valley for more than 5 years and we are very grateful with our customers for their loyalty. Everyone is very welcome.

Their shakes are tasty , delicious and healthy. It's a must try product!

Werk M Yee Soto
IT Specialist

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We love to serve people with our delicious products. We havebeen working with dates for many years, including from the beginning harvestingprocess all the way to put in into our fridge. Our compromise is with ourcustomers so they can enjoy our date products with a very affordable price.


101 W Main St. Westmorland, CA 92281

101 W Main St Westmorland, CA 92281

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